FAI Rules and Tutorial

Page Last Updated: 07-09-2021

Rules and contest running procedures for F5J USA Tour events are divided into FAI F5J Rules, Tour Contest Rules, and Tour CD Guidelines, presented below. A rules outline is also provided below for pilot training and for use as a handy rules reference.

FAI F5J Rules

The easiest way to view the latest FAI rules for F5J is to download the following PDF document. It has been edited to only show the F5J ruleset.

If you want to go right to the source you can download the full set of FAI rules from the FAI CIAM Documents page, then click "Sporting Codes", then click "Sporting Code - Section 4: Aeromodelling", then download "Sporting Code Section 4 - F5 Electric". That will get you a PDF file that has all F5 (electric) rulesets, including F5J.

F5J USA Tour Contest Rules

Contest rules for Tour events are dictated by FAI rules along with several Tour rules and FAI rule deviations.

F5J USA Tour CD Guidelines

Tour CD Guidelines include FAI F5J rule interpretations and clarifications as well as recommended operational procedures based on Tour event experience.

F5J Rules Tutorial Outline

Clubs and contest groups that would like to offer F5J learning sessions are welcome to use the following tutorial PDF outline which also serves as a handy rules reference.

Setting Up Your Plane & Transmitter

The following document deals with setting up the throttle, electronic speed control, and AMRT (altimeter) properly for your F5J sailplane. If you've ever had the dreaded "---.-" after landing when you didn't intend to restart your motor, this article is for you!

The following files are quite useful for self-timing while practicing. They can be installed in your transmitter and triggered with your countdown timer.

The .WAV file below runs for 40 seconds and counts up time during the motor run. It is intended to be started as soon as the motor turns on.

The .WAV file below runs for 60 seconds and counts down time for landing approach. Simply start this file with 60 seconds to go in your flight and you'll get a full 1 minute countdown that exactly matches that at an F5J contest. These files are great for practicing!