Pilot Standings Scoring

Recent updates:
11-26-2018 - 2019 season changes: Revised items #3, 5, 7.

Annual standings for pilots will be calculated according to the following guidelines:

1. Top 4 scores used for each pilot - Pilot standings will be calculated based on the sum of contest scores (Total Event Points) from each pilot's top 4 events.

2. No pilot classes - For purposes of submitting contest scores to the Tour there is no "class" designation submitted with pilots and their scores. See item "#8 Flight matrix" in Qualifying Events regarding how round-by-round flight groups must be generated.

3. Number of contest days - Scores from 1-day and multi-day events (2 or more) are used. Note that the Pilot Count Bonus is only applied to scores from events that have 2 or more days.

4. Normalized pilot scores - Qualifying (not fly-off) rounds are used to compute this score. The top placing pilot's score will be set to 1000 Tour points. All remaining pilot's scores will be normalized (to two decimal points of precision) using the top pilot's score.

5. Pilot Count Bonus - A Pilot Count Bonus is awarded to all pilots participating in events that have 2 or more days. This bonus is calculated based on the number of participating pilots and their contest ranking, as follows:

If fly-offs are conducted then fly-off rankings are used for computing the Pilot Count Bonus for the fly-off pilots, followed by qualifying round rankings for the remaining pilots. The normalized pilot scores are not changed by fly-offs.

6. Total Event Points, 1-day contests = Normalized pilot score if the pilot count is 16 or more (Note 2). For 15 or less pilots: Normalized pilot score * 90%.

7. Total Event Points, contests with 2 or more days = Normalized pilot score + Pilot Count Bonus

Note 1: Tour scoring is modeled directly after the tried-and-true INTERTOUR methods.
Note 2: Pilots must fly the minimum rounds (see Qualifying Events, item #9).