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What is my current IP address?
Convert Local Time To Zulu Time (NOAA Chart)
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Daily News Sites

WBIR Channel 10
My eBay Login


Global Maps

Google Maps
Google Earth
Google Moon
Google Mars
Google Earth KML Reference
Google Maps API Reference


Scientific Instruments

LI-COR Environmental Products Division
Ocean Optics, Inc

Earth Science Research

San Diego State University Global Change Research Group
SDSU GCRG - Barrow WebCam
HAARP Project
Methane Hydrates Website
Arctic Methane Emissions (Katey Walter Anthony, UAF)
Dramatic Arctic Methane Emissions (Katey Walter Anthony, UAF)

Airborne Environmental Research Programs

ARA: Airborne Research Australia
Canadian National Research Council Twin Otter
MetAir AG - Airborne Measurements
NCAR/UCAR Atmospheric Technology Division
San Diego State University Global Change Research Group
South Dakota School of Mines and Technology T-28
University of Alabama AERO Program
University of North Dakota Citation
University of Washington Aircraft
University of Wyoming King Air
Naval Postgraduate School CIRPAS Program
Sonoma Technologies, Inc.
Iniziative Industrali Italiane RAWAS and ERA
CNR-IBIMET Atmosphere and Biosphere Group, Florence, Italy
NOAA Aircraft Operations Center Aircraft
ME2 Project - Dutch National Climate Research Programme

Data Formats: netCDF

UniData NetCDF Page
NetCDF Software

Scientific Plotting Packages

GNUPlot Main Page
GNUPlot Documentation Page
DISLIN Main Page
MATLAB Main Page

Conversions, Calculators, and Algorithms

Easy Calculator
Ruby Scarab's Triangle Calculator
Conversion & Calculation Center
Wind Component Reference Page


Mandelbrot Sets & Fractals

Introduction to the Mandelbrot set
Mandelbrot set
Julia & Mandelbrot sets
Mandelbrot Explorer

Coordinate Rotations

Coordinate Rotation Wiki
Gimbal Lock Wiki
Quaternions and Spatial Rotation Wiki


MATLAB Main Page
Undocumented MATLAB Main Page
MATLAB Programming Guide
MIT MATLAB Programming Guide

Global Positioning System (GPS)

GPS Status & Tutorial Pages

USCG GPS Navigation Center
Garmin GPS Data Formats

GPS Manufacturers


GPS Vendors

The GPS Store
GPS World Supply

Space Exploration

Space Science & Astronomy

NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day
US Naval Observatory Astronomy Page
Heavens Above
Tamke-Allan Observatory
SpaceFlight Now!
MESSENGER! Mercury Exploration Website
NASA Satellite Tracking Page
NASA Eclipse Page
All About Eclipses
The Space Review
Stardate (The McDonald Observatory, as heard on NPR)

Mars Exploration Pages

Mars Exploration Rover Mission
Mars Exploration Program Page
ESA Mars Express

Private Space Exploration Pages

SpaceShip Two Video!
X-Prize Page
Google Lunar X-Prize Page
Scaled Composites Tier-One Program
SpaceShipOne Flight Into Space
X-COR Aerospace
Bob Scherer

Apollo Program Science Pages

Apollo LRRR Science
Lunar & Planetary Institute Lunar Science Page
Apollo 14 LRRR Experiment Page
Apollo Guidance Computer Simulator
Apollo & Gemini Guidance Computer Reference Page
Apollo Guidance, Navigation & Control
Apollo Training Team Page
Thirteen Things That Saved Apollo 13

Fun Space Pages

International Space Station Fan Club (Learn about Ivan Ivanovich!)
Hermann Noordung (Slovene Rocket Engineer from the 1920's)
Bruce Cathie (UFO and Antigravity expert)
Shuttle Launch Viewing Tips
Interactive Space Station Assembly Page
Incredible Space Shuttle Engineering Photography (Well worth the 45 minutes to see it!)
360 Degree View of Space Shuttle Discovery Flight Deck

Berkeley Physics Lectures

Physics for Future Presidents (Physics C10, Spring Semester, 2006)

Physics for Future Presidents - Class notes
Physics for Future Presidents - Lecture 1 - Atoms and Heat I (1:14)
Physics for Future Presidents - Lecture 2 - Atoms and Heat II (1:04)
Physics for Future Presidents - Lecture 3 - Gravity and Satellites I (1:09)
Physics for Future Presidents - Lecture 4 - Gravity and Satellites II (1:04)
Physics for Future Presidents - Lecture 5 - Radioactivity I (0:48)
Physics for Future Presidents - Lecture 6 - Radioactivity II (1:06)
Physics for Future Presidents - Lecture 7 - Nukes I (1:13)
Physics for Future Presidents - Lecture 8 - Review Session (1:15)
Physics for Future Presidents - Lecture 9 - Electricity and Magnetism I (1:11)
Physics for Future Presidents - Lecture 10 - Electricity and Magnetism II (1:05)
Physics for Future Presidents - Lecture 11 - Waves I (1:15)
Physics for Future Presidents - Lecture 12 - Waves II (1:08)
Physics for Future Presidents - Lecture 13 - Light I (1:14)
Physics for Future Presidents - Lecture 14 - Light II (1:09)
Physics for Future Presidents - Lecture 15 - Invisible Light I (1:13)
Physics for Future Presidents - Lecture 16 - Invisible Light II (1:02)
Physics for Future Presidents - Lecture 17 - Quantum I (1:10)
Physics for Future Presidents - Lecture 18 - Quantum II (0:59)
Physics for Future Presidents - Lecture 19 - Quantum III (1:12)
Physics for Future Presidents - Lecture 20 - Quantum IV (1:11)
Physics for Future Presidents - Lecture 21 - Review Session (1:01)
Physics for Future Presidents - Lecture 22 - Relativity I (0:55)
Physics for Future Presidents - Lecture 23 - Relativity II (1:06)
Physics for Future Presidents - Lecture 24 - Universe I (1:07)
Physics for Future Presidents - Lecture 25 - Universe II (1:02)
Physics for Future Presidents - Lecture 26 - Review Session (1:08)
Richard Muller's Personal Website (well worth reading!)
Ed's Physics Page

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

GIS Vendors

Environmental Sciences Research Institute (ESRI)
ESRI Support Page
ESRI ArcGIS Main Page
ESRI ArcObjects Online Development Page
Gen2Shp File Converter

GIS Data Sources

NOAA Coastal Services Center
USGS Earth Explorer
The National Map
North American Landscape Characterization
Global Landcover Facility
Free Geography Tools!
Geography Data Center

Sources of Aerial Photography

U.S. Geological Survey EROS Data Center
U.S. Department of Agriculture - Aerial Photography Field Office
NOAA Spatial Data Explorer
Aerial Photography and Shoreline Mapping
American Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
National Consortium on Remote Sensing in Transportation
Microsoft TerraServer
Google Earth
Google Maps
Digital Globe
Real-time satellite visualization in Google Earth

Google Earth & Map Links

Download Google Earth (Free or Pro $$$)
Use Google Maps
Google Earth KML Reference
Google Maps API Reference


Engineering References

Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society
EFUNDA - Engineering Fundamentals
EFUNDA - Design Standards
EFUNDA - Tap & Drill Size Chart
ESDU International
ESDU: Aerodynamics
How Things Work (University of Virginia)
Standard Tapping and Clearance Hole Reference Chart
An Engineer's Guide To Cats This is great!
The Engineering Toolbox

Mechanical Drawing & CAD Software

AutoDesk (AutoCAD)
Dia (Linux Diagramming Program)

Electronic Board Layout & Circuit Analysis Software



Omega Engineering
Micro-Measurements Strain Gages


Desktop Aero
Aircraft Design Software
UIUC Applied Aerodynamics Group
DaVinci Technologies - AirplanePDQ
Airfoil Q&A at
FoilSim Basic Aerodynamics Software
EngineSim Basic Propulsion Simulation Software
Sonic Boom Research
e-Book Fluid Mechanics
Hydrostatic Reference
Standard Atmosphere Reference
Stanford Standard Atmosphere Calculator
ERAU Standard Atmosphere Calculator


Small Parts, Inc
McMaster-Carr, Inc
Grainger, Inc
Digi-Key, Inc


General Weather Sites

American Meteorological Society (AMS)
The Tornado Project
Weather Underground
Extreme Instability
GPS Boomerang
American Flyers General Weather Theory Page
Ryan Carlton Winds Aloft Page (VERY useful!) Page

Skew-T log-P Resources

Skew-T log-P Wiki
Equivalent Potential Temperature Wiki
Potential Temperature Wiki
Humidity Wiki
Weather Predication Equations


Crop Circles

Crop Circle Connector
Crop Circle Research
Canadian Crop Circle Research Network

Time Travel

NOVA Time Travel (PBS)


Search Engines, Databases, and Magazines

FAA Main Page
FAA Safety
AOPA Online
Aviation and Space World Records
NTSB Aviation Accident Database
FAA Aircraft Registry Database
Aero-Web - Main Site
AOPA Flight Training Magazine
Flying Magazine
Air & Space Magazine
Klyde Morris, Aviation Cartoonist
The Ninety-Nines (Women in Aviation)


Seagull Technology Inc.
Sporty's Pilot Shop

Miscellaneous Aviation Websites

Spacecraft Films
Aviation Archaeology
Wreck Chasing
X-Planes Data Web Site
XB-70 Web Site
Russian Ekranoplan
Cool Aviation Videos
Robert Bogash Web Site
Moving a Super Connie cross-country (fascinating!)
Ruud Leeuw Aviation History and Photography Web Site
Ruud Leeuw Aviation Question and Answer Web Site
CodeOne Magazine
Aviation Meteorology Reference Site
Rocket-Powered Helicopter
Carrier Operations on The Nimitz (Part 1, watch first)
Carrier Operations on The Nimitz (Part 2, watch after part 1)
Sleeping Dog Productions
The "Vodka Burner" Takeoff from Canberra, Australia
Old Aviation Newsreels (Great!)
The Oops List (Great!)

Flight Planning and Real-Time Weather

U.S. Aviation Weather

National Weather Service (
NOAA Aviation Digital Data Service (ADDS) U.S. Radar
Weather Underground
Weather Underground NEXRAD Radar Stations
The Weather Channel
Jeppesen Weather
NOAA Current Weather Graphic (National)
NOAA 24-hour Forecast Graphic (National)
NOAA 48-hour Forecast Graphic (National)
Ryan Carlton Winds Aloft Page (VERY useful!) Page

Knoxville, Tennessee Real-Time & Forecast Weather

Radar - Nashville, TN (Source: Intellicast)
Current Conditions & 7 Day Forecast - Knoxville, TN (Source: NOAA/NWS)
Radar - Morristown, TN (Source: WeatherUnderground)
Current Conditions - Knoxville, TN (Source: WeatherUnderground)
Radar - Knoxville, TN (Source: NOAA/NWS)
Current Conditions - Look Rock, TN, Ozone (Source: NPS)

Flight Planning Resources

Air-Nav Fuel Stop Planner
Aviation Systems Standards Free Online Products
Online E6B Calculator
Australian Digital Aerodrome and Procedure Charts

Flight Planning Software (Online Charts)
ARTCC Information

Flight Trackers

Listen to Live ATC!

Miscellaneous Information

Aviation Formulas
ARTCC Information
FAA ADS-B Information Website
Density Altitude Information and Calculators

Homebuilt Aircraft


Experimental Aircraft Association
Homebuilt Homepage
EAA Chapter 17 Knoxville, TN


EAA's Airventure Webpage
Oshkosh 365!
Airventure 2011 Video (Good!)

Long-EZ & Canard Aircraft

David Orr's Page (a.k.a. Beagle)
Central States Association
Light Speed Engineering
NTSB - John Denver Accident
Ken Miller's Long-EZ Page
Southern California EZ Squadron Page
TERF, Inc (Rutan Plans and CP CD)
I Fly EZ (Follow the adventures of "Waiter")
Cozy Girrrls (Good!)
Marc Zeitlin (Cozy Builder)

RV Aircraft

Van's Aircraft

Thatcher CX-4 Aircraft

Thatcher CX-4 Aircraft


Velocity Aircraft
Chief Aircraft
West System Epoxy
Wicks Aircraft Supply
Aircraft Spruce & Specialty
Creative Flight
Iniziative Industrali Italiane Sky Arrow
Rocky Mountain Instrument
RST Engineering
VIPilot (Interesting system)
Gulf Coast Avionics
Eastern Avionics
American Avionics
Loehle Aircraft
The Airplane Mart



How-To Pages

EAA Builders How-To Article List
EAA Builders Welding Articles

Safety Equipment

Seitz Scientific Industries
Amsafe Aviation Inflatable Restraint

Experimental Aircraft Manufacturers

Aurora Flight Sciences
Scaled Composites, Inc.
Ed's Long-EZ N3R Page

Kites and Balloons


Scott Haefner Kite Aerial Photography
James Gentles Kite Aerial Photography
Charles Benton Kite Aerial Photographs
Kite Aerial Photography Shop

Lighter-Than-Air Balloons

Aerophile: Full-Size Lighter-Than-Air Balloons
High-Altitude Balloon Project
Smart Balloon
UTK High Altitude Balloon
National Scientific Balloon Facility

Hot Air Balloons

Albuquerque Hot Air Balloon Festival
Hot Air Balloons
Virginia Hot Air Balloons
Long Branch, VA Festival
Ryan Carlton Winds Aloft Page (VERY useful!) Page

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

UAV Groups

Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI)
UAV Applications Center (NASA Ames Research Center)
UAV Forum
DIY Drones

UAV Aircraft Systems

Northrup Grumman
UAV Flight Systems
Advanced Ceramics Research
RnR Products UAV/RPV's
Veratech Aero
General Dynamics
Arcturus UAV
Lite Machines
Proxy Aviation
Autonomous UAVs

UAV Instrumentation and Control Systems

Cloud Cap Technologies
Procerus Technologies
Aeroview International
Mercury Systems
Amazing autonomous flapping bird


Vendors & Dealers

Soaring Businesses
Cambridge Aero Instruments
DG Flugzeugbau GmbH


Soaring Society of America
Soar Minnesota
Central California Soaring
The Soaring Centre
Experimental Soaring Association


Soaring In The Rocks (This is beautiful!!)
Aerobatics on tow!
Jumping from an L-13
World's Largest Glider
Cabrio Fliegen (topless flying!)
Jet Glider with Video


Glider Performance Airspeeds
Wake Forest University Albatross Study - Dynamic Soaring
Perlan High-Altitude Glider Project
Ryan Carlton Winds Aloft Page (VERY useful!) Page
Ed's Soaring Page

Flight Simulators


Computer Pilot Magazine
SimTube Flight Simulator Videos

PC-Based Simulators & Vendors

FlightGear Flight Simulator
Microsoft Flight Simulator
Charles Queen's Cessna 310 N137CM
Knoxville Flyers's Cessna Cardinal 177 N1384C
Project Magenta
How To Take Great Screen Shots
Fly Aways Simulation
PC Aviator
Flight One
"Golden Argosy" Flight from JFK to Rome
Level D Flight Simulations
Virtual Thunderbirds
How To Fly A 737
Precision Manuals Development Group
Lead Pursuit
Space Shuttle Mission 2007
Blue Angels FSX
Eagle Lunar Lander Simulator
Apollo Simulator

Full-Cockpit Simulators

The JoyRider Virtual Flyer
Aerosim Technologies: Flight Simulators & Software Simulators
F-15C Eagle Simulator Project
Motion Simulator Platforms
Cessna 172 Cockpit Simulator Project
737 Flight Sim Project
Desert Air Spares
Precision Flight Controls
Sim Samurai
Sim Pits International
Mirage Flight Simulator
Puerto Rico 727 Simulator
F-16 Cockpit Simulator
Fly a B-737 Simulator!
Pacific Simulators
The Simulator Store

Soaring Flight Simulators

Condor: The Competition Soaring Simulator
Condor Club (Add-on scenery for Condor)
SOAR - The Virtual Soaring Society
SPC - The Soaring Simulator
Lighthorse Von Leamy
Ed's Flight Simulator Page

Aviation Museums, Rides, and Airshows

Aviation Museums

National Air & Space Museum
National Air & Space Museum Steven Udvar-Hazy Center
National Air & Space Museum Paul Garber Facility
National Soaring Museum
U.S. Air Force Museum (Official Site)
U.S. Air Force Museum (Photos)
Pima Air & Space Museum
Tennessee Museum of Aviation
Planes of Fame
Yankee Air Museum
Goleta Air and Space Museum
The Wright Experience
The Mid Atlantic Air Museum
The MAPS Air Museum
National Smokejumper Association
Edwards Air Force Base Museum
Ed's Aircraft Museum Page

Airplane Rides & Banners

Heads Up Aerial Advertising & Adventures, Knoxville, TN
Airplane Rides, Shenandoah Valley, VA
Bi-Plane Adventures, Kennesaw, GA
Stearman Rides, Erwinna, PA
Olde Thyme Aviation, Seattle, WA
Aero Ads, Knoxville, TN

Aerobatic Teams and Airshows
Airshow Buzz
United States Air Force Thunderbirds
United States Navy Blue Angels
Canadian Forces Snowbirds
John Mohr at Oshkosh 2007
Bob Hoover Interview
Kyle Franklin 2010 Airshow Routine
Maj. Nicole Malachowski (First Female Thunderbird Pilot) Smithsonian Lecture


News Sites

The Inquirer
The Daily Rotation

Specification & Reference

Digital Camera Resource Page: Links Page
Motherboard HomeWorld -
PCGuide - Systems and Components Reference Guide
PCGuide - Ref - BIOS Settings - PCI / PnP Configuration
PCGuide - Ref - PCI Local Bus
Interrupt Function and Operation
Interrupt Priority
Price Watch(tm)
CNET Shopper

Domain Registration

GoDaddy - Domain Registration
Network Solutions - Domain Registration


Programming Language Reference

C Programming Reference
Javascript Reference

PERL Reference

Tiztag Tutorials
Rex Swain's PERL Reference
PERL Tutorial
CPAN PERL Modules Main Page
CPAN PERL Modules Search page

HTML & CSS Validators

Online HTML Validator
Online CSS Validator
W3C HTML Quality Assurance Tools
Rex Swain's Sampler HTML Page
Rex Swain's HTTP Viewer
Broken Link Checker

WWW School Tutorials

WWW School Mainpage
HTML Tutorial
HTML DOM Tutorial
Javascript Tutorial
PHP Tutorial
XHTML Tutorial
CSS Tutorial
AJAX Tutorial

HTML Reference

Dynamic Drive
Web Developer Notes
WebMonkey HTML Reference Page
Research-Based Web Design
SimpleViewer Web Picture Viewer
CSS Zen Garden
Symbol Reference

KML & GNUPlot Reference

Google Earth KML Reference
Google Maps API Reference
GNUPlot Main Page
GNUPlot Documentation Page

DOS Batch Reference

DOS Batch Programming
NT/XP Batch Files
MS-DOS Batch Files

Computer Reference

Beyond Logic
Computer Hope
Rex Swain
What is my current IP address?
ZTree Wiki

New Computer Software Setup Sources (Windows)

ZTree Win (File management tool)
Firefox Download Page (Web browser)
Thunderbird Download Page (E-Mail client)
ZoneAlarm Free Download Page (Firewall)
WinZip Download Page (Archiving program)
OpenOffice Download Page
Skype Download Page (Internet phone client)
Cygwin (Linux shell for Windows)
Active State Software
Active PERL
Registry Repair
Crap Cleaner
File Unlocker Tool
Putty (Windows SSH tool)
ExamDiff (File comparison tool)
TinyEdit (Nice file editor)
Portable Apps Main Page

Software Sources

CNET Downloads
Buy Cheapsoftware
Game Downloads
Windows Marketplace
Windows ScriptCenter
YouTube Video Downloader
YouTube->MP3 Converter

Linux and Open Source Software Sources

Red Hat, Inc
GNU/Free Software Foundation
RPM Finder
Linux Hardware Compatability HOWTO
Cygwin Information
Scientific Applications on Linux (SAL)
The Linux Lab Project
FSM Labs
Time Sys
Real Time Application Interface
Unidata netCDF
g2 Graphical Library
Open Source Initiative
Distro Watch
Evrsoft (HTML editor)
The Linux Documentation Project
Linux Serial HOWTO
Linux Date Arithmetic HOWTO
Perl Download Site
Linux Recovery and Boot Disk Tutorial
SQLite Standalone Database
Portable Apps Main Page
Ed's Computer Programming Page

Open Source Game Software Sources

Tux Racer
FlightGear Flight Simulator

Software Legal Sites

Freedom of Speech in Software
Electronic Freedom Foundation
GNU/Free Software Foundation
Why Software Should Be Free
The Right To Read (A scary, but plausible, look at the future)

Calculator Simulator Sites

Museum of HP Calculators
HP Calculator Simulations
Torsten Manz' HP 15C Simulator (Download)

Tools to Modify Your New HP Calculator Simulator...

Compile TCL/TK scripts to stand-alone executables
ICO Generators

Slide Rule Simulator Sites

Steve Burton's SlideRule Page
UniVirtual Slide Rule Emulator


Computer Vendors

Dell Computer
WiredZone Distribution
Norhtec, Inc.


Biostar USA
SOYO Computer Inc.

Data Storage

Western Digital


Aberdeen Computer Cases
Circo Tech Computer Cases
Best PC Computer Cases


Modems, Modems, Modems - Welcome
Modem Reference Page

Analog Data Acquisition

ComputerBoards, Inc.
Global American, Inc.
Keithley Instruments
Quatech, Inc.
National Instruments
Alligator Technologies
Arista Corporation
Data Translation, Inc
Dewetron Corporation

Serial Communication

COMM-DRV/DOS - Serial Communication Driver
COMM-DRV/VxD - Serial Communication Libraries
Axxon Computer Corporation
Brain Boxes
Digi International
Data Comm for Business
Byte Runner Technologies

USB Communication

Beyond Logic
Alan Macek
USB By Example
USB Central

Static Models

Books & Reference

Tony Matteliano's Scale Model Index
Finescale Modeler Magazine
Kalmbach Books
Hyperscale Models
Photographing Your Models
Aircraft Resource Center
Kennedy Space Center Space Shuttle Picture Reference
Keith McNeill's Space Models Website (Excellent photography!)
John Pursley's Model Rocket Website Scale Model Reference Website
Airfix Kit Collector's Website
The Box Art Den
1/144 Kit World
Instrument Panels for Aircraft
Historic Space Systems
Space Shuttle Information Page
Historic Spacecraft
Uber Hobby
IPMS FS Color Reference Chart

How-To Sites

Master Class Model Videos
Machining Shop Trade Secrets
Paul Budzik Website
Paul Budzik Videos

Manufacturers & Vendors

Airfix, Inc
Hasegawa, Inc
Ninfinger Productions: Scale Models
The Small Shop
The Testor Corporation
Tower Hobbies Plastic Models
RealSpace Models
Unicraft Models
Anderson Models
New Ware Models
Collect-Aire Models
Pace Paint Booths
Microscale Industries
Sprue Brothers
Anigrand Craftswork
LaserFire Creations

Metal Finishes

Alclad II Natural Metal Finishes
Bare-Metal Foil

Apollo Saturn V

Space Modeling
Apollo-Saturn Reference
Contact Light - A personal retrospective of Project Apollo
The Project Apollo Image Gallery
The Project Apollo Archive
Save the Apollo 11 LUT!
1/48 scale Apollo Saturn V
Apollo Saturn V Rocket Project
Rick Sternbach's Apollo Saturn V Clinic
Launch Complex Models
Scratchbuilding a 1/96 scale Saturn V
Vincent Meens Space Model Webpage
Roland Miller Photography
Space In Miniature
Sirius Rocketry Saturn V
Michael Jack's 1/144 Saturn V & LUT
Saturn V Photo Vault (Ninfinger Productions)
CapCom E-Space
Apollo Maniacs Reference Pages
Gemini & Apollo Guidance Computer Reference Page
Apollo Guidance, Navigation & Control
Historic Spacecraft
Model Rocketry & Spacemodeling
My Space Museum
Bob Andrepont's Collection of Space Documents

Paper Models

Card Modelers FAQ
Card Modelers Online Magazine
Currell Models

Cool Stuff

Fine Art Models
Ferrari 312PB Model... You've got to see it to believe it!
Miniatur Wunderland - Official Video
Miniatur Wunderland - Model Airport Video
Elgin Park Flickr Page
Elgin Park SmugMug Page
Ed's Static Model Page

RC Models

RC Magazines

RC Groups
RC Universe
E-Zone Magazine
RC Sport Flyer Magazine
Model Airplane News
RC Soaring Digest
Flying Models

RC Clubs & Organizations

Academy Of Model Aeronautics
League of Silent Flight
Coffee Airfoilers
Torrey Pines Gulls
Tidewater Model Soaring Society
Volunteer Aeromodelers
Knox County Radio Control Society
West Knox RC

RC Electric 'Park Flyer' Models

Horizon Hobby (including E-Flite & ParkZone)
Dumas Model Products
Aero Micro
Alan's RC Links
Mike's Park/Slow/Indoor RC Flyers
South Leicester Aeronutz
Yann's Model Airplanes
Zepron/Depron Techniques
Aero Craft RC
New Creations RC
MotoCalc Software
All E-RC
Performance Model Aviation
Glow Conversions Made Easy
Thunder Power
RC Electric Jets
Ed's Electric 'Park Flyer' RC Models Page

RC Soaring General

RC Soaring
Cross-Country RC Soaring

RC Soaring Technical

UIUC Applied Aerodynamics Group
UIUC Low-Speed Airfoil Tests Website
Soartech - Herk Stokely
Stanford Java-based Wing Analysis Program
Stanford Java-based Wing Analysis Program (Instructions)
WinFoil Aeronautical Design Software
Mean Aerodynamic Chord Calculation Software
Wing Planform Analysis Software
Airfoil Comparison Software
The Panknin Wing Twist Formula
Airframe Design Analysis Program
Performance Analysis of RC Sailplanes - Blaine Beron-Rawdon
Calculation of Equivalent Dihedral Angle - Blaine Beron-Rawdon
Spiral Stability Augmentation Using a Piezo-Electric Rate Gyro - Blaine Beron-Rawdon
Flies Faster - An Article by Michael Selig on L/D & Flying Speed
The Square-Cube Law - An Article by Michael Selig
Trimming an RC sailplane - An Article by Brian Agnew
Autonomous RC Sailplane Project (Interesting!)

RC Aerodynamics

Desktop Aero
DaVinci Technologies - AirplanePDQ
Airfoil Q&A at
FoilSim Basic Aerodynamics Software
EngineSim Basic Propulsion Simulation Software
Hanley Innovations
X-Foil Subsonic Airfoil Development System
Envision Design
Standard Atmosphere Computations

Thermals and Weather

Ryan Carlton Winds Aloft Page (VERY useful!) Page
What Do Thermals Look Like?

RC Construction and Materials

Vacuum Bagging Excel Spreadsheet
The Work Bench - Vacuum Bagging Wings
Vacuum Forming Canopies
RC Scale Builder
Scale Hardware

Airfoil Plotting Software

CompuFoil Airfoil Plotting Software
Airfoil Design Workshop

RC Technical

FAI Model Aircraft International Records
Pressure Sensor Altimeter Circuit
Electronic Projects for RC
Electronics For RC Models
DesignSoft (RC Electronics)
RC Model and Video Projects
RC Antenna Study
RC Electronics Projects of Ken Hewitt
RC Altimeter & Data Logger (Winged Shadow)
RC switch to trigger cameras
Aircraft Proving Grounds
Battery University
Li-Po Battery Information Page
Servo Torque Calculator
Micro Machine Shop (Impressive!)
Servo Database (Useful!)

RC People

NASA Biography: Robert Champine
Personal Biography: Robert Champine
Testing the first supersonic aircraft (Bob Champine)
Phil Spelt's RC Model Website
Jerel Zarestky's RC Model Website
Alan Tong's RC Model Links Page
Joe Smith's RC Page
Tom Pierce's RC Page
Tom Pierce's SBD Dauntless Page
Tom Pierce's FW-190 Page

RC Manufacturers

Du-Bro Products
Carl Goldberg Products
House of Balsa
Balsa USA
Great Planes
Northeast Sailplane Products
Roedelmodell S-class Gliders
Graupner Modellbau
Multiplex USA
Sig Manufacturing, Inc
R & R Model Aircraft (ornithopters!)
RnR Models
Wing Manufacturing
Magnum RC Models
Pat's Custom Models
Skybench Aerotech Models
Hi-Tec RC
Spektrum RC
Tru-Turn (Romco Mfg)
Flapping Flight (Ornithopter Site)

RC Vendors

Atlanta Hobby
RC Dude
Hobby King
3D Hobby Shop
Extreme Flight RC
Chief Aircraft RC
Hobby Lobby
Don's Hobby Shop
Willy's RC
Hobby People
Micro Mark
BVM Jets
Servo Hut
Radical RC
Nelson Hobby
Dynamic Balsa
Banana Hobby
RC Castle
California Sailplanes
Precision Aerobatics
Tower Hobbies
RTL Fasteners
Micro Fasteners
Piper Cub Landing Gear Source
National Balsa
B&B Specialties
Smooth-On Mold Making Materials
RCA Models
Science Surplus
Aero Scale Products
Mick Reeve's Models
RC Scale Products
Scale Hardware

RC Tools

Micro Mark
E-Hobby Tools
Harbor Freight Tools
Emission Technologies Laser Cutting Systems
AStatue Foam Cutting Systems
Low-Cost CNC Foam Cutting Machine
Micro Machine Shop (Impressive!)

RC Flight Simulators

Great Planes RealFlight
KnifeEdge Software
RC Plane Master
FMS Flight Simulator

RC Model Airplane Videos

BoneDoc's 3D Clinics
Ed's Piper J-3 Cub Electric Conversion Video
Ed's YouTube Channel
Ed's RC Model Page

Piper J-3 Cub Documentation

Walkaround Aircraft Documentation
The Cub Den (How to scale a Piper J-3 Cub)
Piper Cub Forum
Piper J-3 Cub Forum
Piper Super Cub Drawing Project

Model Rockets


Polecat Aerospace
Sirius Rocketry Saturn V
Sheri's Hot Rockets


Steve Eves' 1/10 Flying Saturn V Official Page
Steve Eves' 1/10 Flying Saturn V
Steve Eves' 1/10 Flying Saturn V, Flying!


Photo Blog Sites

Scott Kelby's Photoshop Insider Blog
Jasmine Star
Rob Heyman Photography
Dave Senn's Photo Blog
Digital ProTalk Blog

Photo Review Sites

Digital Photography Review
Digital Photo Pro Magazine
Tim Grey

Photo Art Sites

Lurzer's Archive


Ansel Adams
James Langford Photography
Jim Reed Photography
Cathy Barrows Photography
Wyoming Photography
Beautiful Landscapes
Norman Koren Photography
Jerry D. Greer Photography
Nebel Photography
Brenda Tharp Photography
Moose Peterson
Weather Photo Gallery
Joe McNally, National Geographic
Nick Brandt Photography
John Shaw
The Purple Lens
O. Winston Link Gallery, Roanoke Virginia
Skyline Aviation Photography
Dave Hill Photography
Lyndon Wade Photography
Andrzej Dragan
Chase Jarvis Photography
Jill Greenberg, The Manipulator
Tim Tadder
James Quantz
Andres D Photography
Roger Paperno Photography
Bernard Zee
Jack Greene (check out Gallery 3 candid photos!)
Photos By Nat
Thomas Herbrich
Bill Fortney
Ken Siems Photography
Warne Noyce Photography
Chuck Arlund Photography
Rodney Lough Jr. Photography
Peter Lik Photography

Knoxville, Tennessee Photographers

Dave Senn's Photo Blog
Clay Thurston Photography
The Purple Lens
As Eye See It Now
Tom Geisler Photography
Colby McLemore Photography
Photographs Of You (Carlos Jones)
Interesting Developments Photography
LightForge Workshops (Dave Moore)
Doug Barnett
Jennie Andrews Photography
Julie Poole Photography
Tovah Greenwood Photography
Andy Armstrong Photography
Bill Campbell Digital Photography

How-To Photo Sites

$14 SteadyCam base (build it yourself!)
Enhancements to the $14 SteadyCam base (again, build it yourself!)
Guide to Star Trail Photography
Guide to Waterfall Photography
Incredible Optical Illusion!
Do-It-Yourself Photography
Infrared Photo FAQ
Digital Terrain
The Mindful Eye
The Digital Grin (SmugMug How-To)
Shuttle Launch Viewing Tips
Ogre Photography (Concert Photography)
Alan Hess Photography (Concert Photography)

Photography Business Sites

Example Adult Model Release
Example Minor Model Release
Example Property Release
ASMP (American Society of Media Photographers)
NANPA (North American Nature Photography Association)
PPA (Professional Photographers of America)
Getty Images Stock Photography
Jupiter Images
Find Local Advertising Clubs
Cradoc Photo Software (fotoQuote)

Photoshop Websites, Plugins, Software, & Tutorials

Adobe Photoshop
Noise Ninja
HDR Plugins
Digital Terrain Adobe Camera Raw Tutorial
Scott Kelby's Photoshop Insider Blog
Layers Magazine
Cambridge University Photographic Tutorials
Topaz Simplify
Pixlr Photo Editor (Try this out.. It's cool!)
X-Rite Color IQ Test (This is fun!)
Time-Lapse Photography Tutorial


B & H Photo & Video
Midwest Photo Exchange
Precision Photo (Boca Photo)
Thompson Photo Products
Bob Atkins Photography

Photo Printers

White House Custom Colour
Millers Professional Imaging

Aviation Photo Websites

Ghosts Calendar


Really Right Stuff
Spyder Pro Products

Digital Rebel Links

Robert Farber Interactive Photography Workshop (Canon Digi Reb Training Material)
Canon Digital Image Verification Kit
Digital Rebel Tricks
The Luminous Landscape: Canon Digital Rebel 300D
Building a Digital SLR Camera System
Canon Comsumer Products Software Download Page
Ed's Photography Page



Kelley Blue Book Used Car Values
All Foreign Auto Parts

Sports Cars

Roadster Association of the Great Smokies (RAGS)
The Miata Pit Stop
Shelby Cobra
Scion - Cool Car, but browse site with Internet Explorer and not Netscape/Mozilla ;(

Good Drives & Photo Sites

Deals Gap
Tail of the Dragon
The Devils Triangle
Moonshine Photos



NOAA/ATDD Informational Video
NOAA/FRD Smart Balloon
NOAA/ATDD DataViewer
NOAA Office of Marine and Aviation Operations
NOAA Coastal Sciences Center Website


NASA Kennedy Space Center
NASA Johnson Spaceflight Center
NASA Marshall Spaceflight Center
NASA Goddard Spaceflight Center
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
NASA Langley Research Center
NASA Glenn Research Center
Dryden Research Aircraft Photo Gallery
Astronaut Biographies
Drive The Mars Rovers!
NASA Commons Pictures on Flickr!

General Government Sites

White House Website (Check it out!) Website

Food & Drink


Reinheitsgebot - German Purity Law of 1516
German Beer Guide
Weihenstephan Beer
Michael Jackson's Beer Hunter
Guinness Irish Stout
Arrogant Bastard Ale
Homemade Peltier Beer Cooler


Jacob's Creeks Wines
Mudhouse Wines


India Trading Company - Meera Liquors
Grand Marnier

Soft Drinks

I drink IBC Root Beer (no caffeine!)


Sitar Ristorante Indiano (Rome, Italy)
Le Bistrot de Venise (Venice, Italy)
Chilli Peppers (Kill Devil Hills, NC)
Weeping Radish (Manteo, NC)
Awful Arthurs (Nags Head, NC)
Pigman's Bar-B-Que (Nags Head, NC)
MacKenzie Valley Hotel Restaurant (Norman Wells, NWT, Canada)
Taco City
Ed's Restaurants Page

Knoxville, Tennessee Restaurants

Nama Sushi Bar
The Tomato Head
The Melting Pot
Le Parigo
The Crown and Goose
Barley's Taproom
The French Market
Knoxville Public House


Cooking for Engineers
Cooking Light
Americas Test
Everyday Food Recipes
Scandanavian Cooking
Ed's Recipes Page


Music Industry

Official RIAA website
How not to get sued by the RIAA
Boycott RIAA
Janis Ian's Original Internet Debacle Article
Janis Ian's Fallout Article
Test your knowledge of 80's music!
One-Hit Wonder Central
Yanic Bercier
Bria Skonberg
Carol Jarvis
WFIV, Knoxville's Independent Radio
Bourgeois Mystics

Rush Websites
Neal Peart YYZ Animated Video

Eagles Interviews

Don Felder / Howard Stern Interview - Part 1
Don Felder / Howard Stern Interview - Part 2
Don Felder / Howard Stern Interview - Part 3
Don Felder / Howard Stern Interview - Part 4
Don Felder / Howard Stern Interview - Part 5
Don Felder / Howard Stern Interview - Part 6
Don Felder / Howard Stern Interview - Part 7
Don Felder / Howard Stern Interview - Part 8
Joe Walsh / Howard Stern Interview

MP3 Download Sites


Audio Software Tools


MP3 Players

Portable Apps Main Page
CoolPlayer Portable App
WinAmp MP3 Player
Quintessential MP3 Player
DB Power Amp MP3 Player
XM Play MP3 Player
Crutchfield MP3 Car Receivers Review


C.F. Martin Guitars
Rainsong Guitars
Takamine Guitars
Ovation Guitars
Guitar Center
Guitar Tabs (Sheet Music)
Beginners Guide to Guitar



Printable Sudoku Puzzles
Another Sudoku Solver...

TV, News, Movies

Tonight Show
PBS Scientific American Frontiers
The History Channel
The Discovery Channel
The Learning Channel
The Science Channel
The Military Channel
The National Geographic Channel
G4 Game Channel
Fine Living
Comedy Central
WBIR Channel 10
The Man Show Juggies
80's Movies Rewind
Virtual Stapler (Office Space movie website)

Science Fiction

Star Trek
Star Trek:WWW
The Science of Star Trek
Scotty Quotes from Star Trek
Star Wars
Physics of Comic Book Superheroes

Home Entertainment

Crutchfield Flat Panel TV FAQ
Crutchfield Plasma TV Myths


Travel Tools

Cheap Tickets
Lonely Planet
Rick Steves Travel


Calgary, Alberta Canada
Norman Wells, Northwest Territories
Inuvik, Northwest Territories
Barrow, Alaska
Canada Accomodation List

Rome, Italy

Public Transportation in Rome and Italy
Rome Transportation
Sitar Ristorante Indiano (Rome, Italy)

Venice, Italy

Ca' Macana Venezia (Mask Shop)
Le Bistrot de Venise (Venice, Italy)


Cat Pages

The Cats Den
House of Cats
Anti-Icky Poo
An Engineer's Guide To Cats This is great!

Funny Stuff

Ed Recommends...

The Darwin Awards
The Onion
The Straight Dope
Nostradamus: Did He Predict the World Trade Center Attack?
Cartoon Laws of Physics
Buy Property On The Moon!
Busted Tees (Tee-Shirts, Hilarious!)
Grocery Store Wars (Star Wars Parody)
Museum Of Hoaxes
Weather Wars (People will believe anything!)
Roger Bansemer
Bad Day at the Office (The YouTube copyright nazis have pulled the audio, you will need to supply Daniel Powter's Bad Day soundtrack... It's great!)
Hitler rates the Nikon D3x (This is great, too!)
FaceBook Etiquette
Ohhhhh Nooooooo... It's Mr. Bill!
An Engineer's Guide To Cats This is great!
There, I Fixed It!
Texts from last night...
News of the Weird
The Entabulator Transmission!
Damn You AutoCorrect!

For those with too much free time on their hands...

Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster (WWFSMD?)
Towcrimes in Knoxville, Tennessee (Stick it to 'em, John!)
Download the entire World-Wide-Web!!
Did we actually go to the moon??
Enterprise Mission (NASA Conspiracy Page)
Faked Moon Landings...
...And Not-So-Faked Moon Landings
Tachyon Experiments... This is really weird!
UFO Disclosure by the Obama Administration?
The Daily Information Graphic
Information Is Beautiful
Ed's Funnies Page 1
Ed's Funnies Page 2
Ed's Funnies Page 3
Ed's Book of Funny Stuff (2.0 MB, 323 page .PDF file)

Knoxville, Tennessee

Live Entertainment

Theatre Knoxville Downtown
Children's Theatre Knoxville
Tennessee Stage Company
Einstein Simplified
Barley's Taproom
Market Square
Jazz For Justice
Oak Ridge Playhouse
Break On Through - Doors Tribute Band

Aviation Websites

FatBoyz Aviation
Heads Up Aerial Advertising & Adventures
EAA Chapter 17
Smoky Mountain Chapter of the AMS (American Meteorological Society)
Knox County Radio Control Society

Real-Time & Forecast Weather

Radar - Knoxville, TN (Source: NOAA/NWS)
Radar - Morristown, TN (Source: WeatherUnderground)
Radar - Nashville, TN (Source: Intellicast)
Current Conditions - Knoxville, TN (Source: WeatherUnderground)
Current Conditions & 7 Day Forecast - Knoxville, TN (Source: NOAA/NWS)
Current Conditions - Look Rock, TN, Ozone (Source: NPS)

Photographers & Artists

Dave Senn's Photo Blog
Clay Thurston Photography
The Purple Lens
Tom Geisler Photography
As Eye See It Now
Colby McLemore Photography
LightForge Workshops (Dave Moore)
Interesting Developments Photography
Photographs Of You (Carlos Jones)
JetPilot Designs
Larry Cole Gallery House
Photography 300 (Carole & Dennis Usdan)
Jennie Andrews Photography
Julie Poole Photography
Tovah Greenwood Photography


Nama Sushi Bar
The Tomato Head
The Melting Pot
Le Parigo
The Crown and Goose
Barley's Taproom
The French Market
Knoxville Public House

Book Stores

McKay's Used Books
The Book Eddy


Knox County Public Library
East Tennessee Rationalists
Knoxville Man
Jefferson Bass (Jon Jefferson and Dr. Bill Bass)
WFIV, Knoxville's Independent Radio


Banner Pickup!
Vania Smrkovski: Pandora's Dream
Metro Pulse
Jazz For Justice
Conscious Media Network
VERITAS Research Program
East Tennessee Rationalists
Joel on Software: College Advice (Read this!)
How Stuff
World War II Posters
ODAN (Opus Dei Awareness Network)
Angelo d'Arrigo (Italian Adventurer)
Abandoned Photography and Urban Exploration
John Lovett's "Splashing Paint" Blog
Twisted X Boots
NOAA/ATDD DataViewer Website
NOAA/ATDD FTP Site - Ed Dumas
NOAA/ATDD CORE Site - Raw Data
NOAA/ATDD CORE Site - Status