Italian Adventures - 2001

Here are some photos and accounts from travels in Rome, Italy while working for NOAA/ATDD.

Sky Arrow 650 ERA

Sky Arrow 650 ERA Smart and Citroen cars, Monterotondo, Italy

The photo to the left is of the Sky Arrow 650 ERA, an aircraft built by Iniziative Industrali Italiani in Monterotondo (Rome), Italy. It is a two-place aircraft that has been instrumented with the Mobile Flux Platform (MFP) instrumentation built by NOAA/ATDD in Oak Ridge, TN. This aircraft was instrumented and flown by the Italian National Research Council, IATA-CNR. Click here to read more about the Sky Arrow program.

The picture to the right is of some of the cool European cars parked at the airport near Monterotondo, Italy. The car to the left is a Smart car, very popular across Europe. Next to that is French Citroen, another classic car.

Ostia Antica

Ostia Antica Ruins, Rome, Italy Ostia Antica Ruins, Rome, Italy

Here are a few pictures of some cool Italian ruins. These are pictures of tile floors that you can see at Ostia Antica, the best kept secret in Rome! It only takes 30 minutes to get there from the city centre and costs $1.50 for the train ride. It is bigger and more impressive than Pompeii (I think) and requires at least a full day to see properly. The size of Ostia Antica is approximately 1/2 mile by 1/2 mile, so be prepared to do some walking!

The picture to the left is from Neptune's Court. The picture to the right is another tile floor unknown (to me). The best part about these ruins compared with others that we saw on the trip (Pompeii and the Roman Baths, for example) was the extent to which they were preserved. The tile floors were complete, for the most part, and most of the original walls were still intact. Ostia Antica even had a few places with the original roofs intact!

Dove C'e Agnesi C'e Agnesi

Seen in a Rome subway...

And finally those cool Italian subway ads... This pasta ad appeared during the month of March, 2001 in most of the subways around Rome... Where there's Agnesi, there's Agnesi! This pasta ad was photographed in the Barberini subway station sometime around the middle of March, 2001.

Photography NotesPhotography Notes: All images above were taken with the cheapest throw-away 35 mm camera I could find while in Rome. The color prints were then scanned and .JPG files created.