FAA Info and Status

Page last updated: 3-16-2022  —  Page maintained by Chris Bajorek

The goal of this page is to share direct unfiltered information about:

  • FAA registration and online tests for USA F5J pilots
  • FAA status of F5J flying fields
  • FAA rule updates affecting F5J

If I receive pertinent info from an F5J pilot and get their permission to share it, I will add it to this page. As more content is added the page format will likely change.

FAA Registration and Tests

Proof of FAA registration and the FAA TRUST test are only required at a very small number of F5J flying fields.

Register with the FAA HERE.

Take the FAA “TRUST” test HERE.

FAA Actions Taken at Flying Fields

SoCal FAA Visits and Actions – March 2022 – Rumors have been widely circulating in California regarding FAA visits that have resulted in a field, or fields, being closed down.


FAA Status of Flying Fields

CVRC Visalia CA – Mar 14 2022 – Received their FAA approvals per an RC Groups post.  No details regarding the approvals and allowed flying heights have been provided so any impact on F5J pilots flying here is unknown.